Our Boys

Ch Swansearagz Go Diego Go X Ch Swansearagz Gowiththeflo

D.O.B: 04-06-16

This is Murphy, our Chocolate Colourpoint stud boy. Murphy is from 100% traditional lines and has been very thoughtfully bred. This happened over several generations of my breeding. I am so pleased with the final product. It has taken a long time to breed Murphy but I did this deliberately as I wanted him to come from certain lines and inherit a certain “look”, which I feel I have got and more. Murphy weighed 5Kgs at just 7 months old (this is heavier than a lot of adults!). I’m also incredibly happy with how his type is developing.

Murphy got Best Colourpoint Ragdoll at the CRAOV Show 2016.

(He was only 4 months old.)

Murphy is DNA tested negative for the known HCM gene.

GrCh Morant Tron Legacy X Filensio Legacy

(Chocolate Carrier)

D.O.B: 23-07-16

This is Rupert, my Seal Tabby Bi Colour future stud boy. One of my main goals when I had Clu from Pearl was to reproduce his father, Flynn. Flynn was my old seal tabby bi colour stud boy, and I adored him dearly. He hated being a stud boy but produced the most wonderful, unique kittens. I’m hoping that Rupert will grow up to be just as lovely as his grand father and settle into his role of being a father to some lovely future kittens.

Rupert is DNA tested negative for the known HCM gene.