cat_applause27/09/14 – Today, Clu and Nala were entered into the South Western Counties Show. They both did fabulously well. Clu got his last CC and is now a Champion! He also came 1st and 2nd in his side classes. Nala did really well getting her second CC and the BOB. She also had a red card day. Well done both of you.

cat_applause05/08/14 – Nalas show report is in for the Kensington Show.


1. CC and BOB:  Gledstone:  SWANSEARAGAZ HAKUNA MATATA 66d f DOB: 25.09.2013

An attractive Red Point lady showing good Ragdoll type.  Broad head, flat plane, medium sized tufted ears tipping forward, cheeks to a firm muzzle and level bite.  Attractive obliquely blue set eyes.  Good weight to her long body, with well boned legs and large firm tufted paws and balanced bushy tail.  Her coat is medium length and soft, it is pale cream and shades to a lighter cream on her chest and abdomen. A gentle red tone to her points, her mask is developing well, red tone matching colour seen on her legs and tail.  A girl who was well presented and happy.

cat_applause05/08/14 – Diegos show report is on for the Kensington Show.


1. CC w/h:  Gledstone:  SWANSEARAGZ GO DIEGO GO 66w m DOB: 20.08.2013

Still a young looking Seal Mitted Ragdoll boy of 11 months, needing more time to develop Ragdoll type.  The heat had obviously affected his coat!  A smallish broad head with flat plane, ears tilting forward; round cheeks to muzzle, a good chin. His bite is misaligned which was confirmed by the Duty Vet.  His obliquely set eyes are blue, he has a long light body, standing tall on his legs with firm tufted paws.  His balanced tail is quite sparse, his coat was obviously moulting, especially short around his neck and difficult to see his knickerbockers.  His body colour was beige, his points of a light seal brown were quite brindled, his chin, bib and chest are white, with evenly white mittens on his front legs,back legs are white to the hock.  This lad needs to find his coat again.  My reason for withholding the CC was due to his bite.  A gentle lad who was finding the heat a bit much!

cat_applause05/08/14 – Pebbles show report is in for the Kensington Show.


1. CC and BOB Gledstone: SWANSEARAGZ JELLY BEAN 66 31etF and DOB:  23.07.2012

A friendly, pretty Seal Tortie Tabby Bi-Colour lady or two years showing good Ragdoll type  A balanced broad head with flat plane.  Her ears are tilting forward and well furnished cheeks developed to muzzle, firm chin, level bite, medium length nose with gentle dip, her obliquely shaped eyes are deep blue.  Good body weight, long thick neck, good boning to her legs, with large rounded tufted paws and balanced bushy tail.  Her coat is medium in length and silky, with a ruff round her neck and knickerbockers visible.  Coat colour has shades of beige and cream, white patches of one third.  She has very good definition to her points, especially her mask, which has tortie colours, red-cream, overlaid with seal brown markings to a pale brown agouti background.  She has rings on her tail and bands on her legs.  A gentle lady who handled well.

cat_applause26/07/14 – Today, Nala, Diego and Pebbles were entered into the Kensington Show. Nala got her first CC and BOB. Pebbles also got her last CC and BOB making her a Champion! Diego got his 1st, but was not awarded his CC today as he is a littleo ut of coat. We will be latting him mature on a bit beofre taking him out again. Well done to all of my babies for doing so well.

cat_applause26/06/14 – Pebble’s show report is in.


1st Ch. Gledstone’s SWANSEARAGTZ JELLY BEAN. 66 31et. A very attractive girl quite well developed ut still has some room for growth. Good weighty feel to body with good length quite full tail. A little fine in legs and rounded paws. Shows gentle contours to head lines with wide set medium size ears and furnishings. God nose line and firm level chin. Well open blue eyes. Good coat quality showing distinctive markings.

cat_applause15/06/14 – Tippin’s show report is in for the Somerset Show. Im thrilled with her lovely words about Tip Top.

A beautiful female who presented herself to great advantage; she had excellent type and a typical expression. The head had breadth with a flat plane between her medium size well-furnished ears. They were set wide with a slight forward tilt. She had full cheeks and a nicely rounded and developed muzzle. In profile she had a gentle dip and the correct retroussé tip to her nose. Her eyes were large, very well-opened but not bold and they were an excellent depth of blue. Her body had length and was firm and muscular with substantial legs and large, well-tufted paws. The tail was bushy and balanced well. She had a beautiful coat that was silky, dense and had a ruff to frame the face and knickerbockers. She had well-shaped mittens and boots. Her chin was white as was her bib and chest. The seal was warm and she had  warm, beige body. She was in excellent condition and had a superb temperament.

cat_applause10/06/14 – One of Tippins’ show reports is in from the Cambria Show. Thank you Sally for your kind words. 🙂

1 CC GLEDSTONE’S SWANSEARAGZ TWINKLE TOES (RAG n 04, 19/6/12). Gorgeous young Seal Mitted girl – very feminine and of lovely type. Good flat plane to her head with medium ears set well. Deep blue eyes of excellent size & shape. Very good dip in profile. Excellent width to her cheeks. Level bite & good chin. Her coat was of good length & very well presented. Slightly shady to her body. Dark seal to points. White to her chin and bib. White on her front paws almost to the top of her feet. White on her back paws to the hocks. Well grown body of good shape. Tail of good length, well furnished. A really super lass who ran the winner so very close for BOB – just lost out on maturity of expression, but I just loved her! I’m sure she has a great future ahead.

cat_applause07/06/14 – Today, Tippins and Pebbles were entered into the Cambria and Somerset Shows. They both had a great day getting 1st and there CC’s. Tippins also got BOB. They both got placed in their side classes too, with Tippins getting two thirds, and Pebbles getting two seconds. We were so pleased with our girls acheivements, and feel very proud of them both as it was a tough day with it being so warm in the show hall.

cat_applause27/04/14 – Clu’s show report is in from the Kernow Show.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Adult Male; 1 CC BOB GLEDSTONE’S MORANT TRON-LEGACY (66t, 14/6/13). Promising young Seal Tabby Colourpointed lad of good type. Good flat plane to his head with super ears of medium size, set very well. Eyes slightly two-tone at present, but a good deeper shade of blue coming through from the centre. Good size & shape. Nose showing excellent dip in profile & slightly retroussé at tip. Good width to his cheeks. Level bite & good chin. Coat of good length & well prepared. Slightly shady to body. Good seal tabby markings to all points, just slightly cool tone to the seal. Well grown body of good lenth. Tail of good length & well furnished. A super boy.

cat_applause29/03/14 – Today, Clu was entered into the Kernow Show. He had another great day getting 1st and BOB in his class. He now has his second CC. Well done Clu! Only one more to go now.

Clu’s show report is in from the Surrey and Sussex Show.


Well grown young boy who is only just adult and looks very promising.   Well boned limbs, long bushy tail in proportion.  Silky textured coat has dense tabby markings on mask and well defined on other points.  Well shaped head with wide-set ears, rounded muzzle, firm chin, well defined profile line.  Large well opened eyes of very good colour.  He has a lovely face and expression.

cat_applause15/03/14 – Today, Clu was entered into the Surrey and Sussex Show. He was one day old enough for the adult class and did so well getting his 1st and his first CC. We are very proud of our chunky boy.

Polly’s show report is in from the Croydon Show.

Miss. H. Gledstone, SWANSEARAGZ MONOPOLY CC, BOB, F, 26.02.13. A gentle young female with deep
intense sealpoint colour, and perfect colour division, well groomed. She has an excellent broad muzzle, but could have
just a little more profile, excellent ear size and well placed. She has super deep blue eye colour and a lovely expression.

cat_applause08/02/14 – Today, Polly was entered into the Croydon Show. She gained 1st and Best Of Breed in her open class, which now makes her a Champion! Well done Pol Cat, we are so proud of you!

Polly and Diego’s show reports are here for the Southern Counties Show.

A very attractive female of good size, substance and type; she had beautiful deep blue eyes that were very expressive. Her head had breadth with well set ears. There was a flat plane between them with well-developed cheeks and a rounded muzzle. She had a very good profile and good chin. Her body was long with very good legs and tail. She had a silky coat that was very well presented and had very good markings. She was shown in excellent condition and had a lovey temperament.


1 & BOB GLEDSTONE’S SWANSEARAGZ GO DIEGO GO A 5 month old seal mitted ragdoll lad of good size weight and bone for age. Excellent width and flat plane between well placed furnished ears, nose with dip in profile and retrousse at end, full cheeks, good bite and firm white chin. Blue eyes, well placed and slightly oblique in shape and set. Muscular body with strong legs and tail to balance. Well prepared very pale beige coat, seal brown mask and points coming. Fairly even white mittens to front paws and white from paws to hocks on back legs. Excellent temperament and condition.

cat_applause25/01/14 – Today, Polly and Diego went to the Southern Counties Show. They both did really well getting 1st and Best Of Breed in their open classes. Polly gained her second CC, and is well on the way to becoming a Champion. They both did very well in their side classes, getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd’s in some big classes. Well done to them both.

Clu and Polly’s show reports are in for the B.O.B and East Sussex Shows.

Just thirteen weeks old kitten that is developing. Nice broad head with rounded rather than flat plane at present between the ears. Good cheeks and muzzle, level bite and fair depth chin.  Medium length nose with gentle dip. Good ears set wide apart with slight forward tilt, medium in size, rounded at tips and lightly furnished. Large, slightly oblique, well opened eyes set well apart and blue in colour but I would prefer a deeper shade. Longish body with a rounded chest, nicely boned, medium length legs and rounded paws.  Long tail to balance body, tapers slightly to tip, whispy fur.  Fluffy kitten coat. Seal Tabby Point Colourpointed Ragdoll with points of mask, ears, paws and tail in brown with pale beige body colour. Nice tabby markings on face, feint rings on tail and bars on legs, Sweet natured.

Good overall type to this seven months old girl. Broad head has a flat plane of good width between the ears with well developed cheeks and rounded, well developed muzzle, level bite and fair depth chin.  Profile shows a gentle dip then medium length nose.  Small to medium sized ears are set wide apart with a slight forward tilt, rounded at tips and well furnished. Large, slightly oblique, well opened eyes set well apart and stunning deep blue in colour.  Short neck to long, firm body with good breadth chest and substantial bone to medium length legs with large, firm, rounded and tufted paws.  Long, slightly tapering tail to balance body with bushy effect to fur.  Coat is developing length, fairly dense and silky in texture.  Ruff and knickerbockers developing. Seal Bi-Colour Ragdoll of beige body colour with balanced inverted ‘V’ in white from forehead at eye line down nose to whisker pads and chin. Also white to chest and bib, full underbody, front and back legs up to underbody except one front leg. Points of rest of mask, ears and tail of well defined deep brown colour.


A gentle Seal Bi-Coloured girl of 7 months showing good Ragdoll type. Broad head with a flat plane developing; her rounded-topped ears, open at the base, are beginning to tilt forward; her cheeks are forming well to a good round muzzle; firm chin, level bite; her slightly obliquely-set eyes of blue were well opened; she has a medium length nose with slight dip in profile. A young long body of good weight, with a short heavy neck, and good breadth to her chest; very well-boned medium length legs with firm round tufted paws; balanced bushy tail tapering at the tip which reaches her shoulders. Her coat is medium in length, silky, just a little woolly in places; a ruff forming around her neck; and knickerbockers forming; her coat colour is predominantly beige, with some shading on her shoulders; she has white on one-third, white on her bib, chest and abdomen; her front legs are white, and her back legs are white to the level of her abdomen; her points are deep seal on her ears, mask, legs, and tail; her mask has a balanced white inverted ‘V’ staring on her forehead, covering her nose, whisker pads, and chin.  A gentle girl who was very easy to handle.

cat_applause21/09/13 – Today, Clu and Polly entered their first show. They did so well considering it wsas their first show, and mine in just over 2 and a half years! It was a double show, Bucks, Oxon and Berks Show and the East Sussex Show. Polly got 2 1sts and Best of Breeds, and Clu got a 1st and Best of Breed, and a 2nd. Im so proud of my little bundles.

cat_applause15/01/11 – Today, Flynn and India were entered into the West Country Show. They both did fabulously well getting 1st in their open classes and their first CC’s. India also got awarded the Best of Breed. This was their first ever show, for the both of them. I am so thrilled with how well they did. I do love this show and it always sets my showing year off with a bang! Well done to the show managers for such a great job, as per usual.

cat_applause10/08/10 – One of Darcey’s show reports is in from the PRBCC Show.

1ST, CC & BOB. GLEDSTONE’S SWANSEARAGZ MR DARCY 66w M – 12.7.09. A very promising lad, beautifully balanced. Handsome head with flat plane between widely spaced tilting ears with extravagant furnishings, full cheeks well developed, beautiful well shaped large eyes, most expressive and of deep, intense blue, excellent profile, level bite and strong chin with broad muzzle furnished with most appealing white whiskers. Long substantial torso with bushy tail just to balance, thick limbs and large tufted paws, the mittens well matched and the rear legs white to above the hocks. White on the chin continues throughout the underbody. Coat pale beige and showing strong contrast with the dark matching seal points, dense and silky in texture and beautifully presented with lavish mane, frontal ruff and knickerbockers. Lovely temperament.

cat_applause17/07/10 – Today, Darcey was entered into the PRBCC Show. He managed to get his last CC and the Best of Breed., so he is now a Champion! He was also placed in all his side classes, getting two 1st’s and a 2nd in some large classes. He went on to be nominated for BIS Adult. Im so proud of my little Darcey. He is my second home bred stud boy to gain the title of Champion.

Erika of Raggiestars took Darcey’s sister, Swansearagz Sweet As Honey, to the show and was placed 1st in her open class and got her first CC. She was also placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in her her side classes. This was her first ever show so I was so proud of her, and Erika for showing her so well. Well done Erika and Smudge!

cat_applause14/07/10 – One of Darceys show reports is in from the Wiltshire & District Show.


1CC BOB Gledestone SWANSEARAGZ MR DARCEY seal mitted
A big softy of good size and weight. Broad head with flat plane between medium sized ears that had slight tilt forward. Cheeks and muzzle well developed and good bite. Medium length nose showing gentle dip. Eyes a little to round in shape but of nice blue colour. Long muscular body with a long bushy tail that tapered at the tip. Silky soft beige coat with good seal points. White chin, chest and under body. Nice white front mittens. Strong medium height legs with large rounded and tufted paws. The white on the paw legs upto the hock.

cat_applause03/07/10 – Today, Darcey was entered into the Wiltshire & District Show and got his 2nd CC and the Best of Breed. I was so happy with him. Only 1 more CC to go!

cat_applause04/06/10 – One of Darceys show reports is in from the Midland Counties Show.

Seal Mitted. I felt that this ten month old male had super head shape and development, especially for such a young lad. Medium sized ears, set wide apart and with a slightly forward tilt, flat plane between them. Head already showing very pleasing breadth with well developed cheeks. Large eyes, slightly obliquely set and a medium shade of blue. Gentle dip to the medium length nose, very slightly retrousse towards the tip. Well defined rounded muzzle, firm chin of good depth. Long body, substantial bone to medium length limbs, round paws. Tail just reached the shoulders, ideally could be a fraction longer for perfection, although it was well furnished with a bushy texture. Full ruff framing the face, dense silky coat of very good medium length, the coat was very well developed for a youngster. Well marked mitted pattern, pale beige body colour which had excellent contrast with the dark seal brown points. A delight to handle and beautifully presented for the show.

cat_applause23/05/10 – Today Darcey was entered into the Midland Counties Show. This was his first time out as an adult and he did me so proud coming 1st in his open class, gaining his 1st CC. He also was award the Best of Breed. Well done my gorgeous little Darcey!

cat_applause14/05/10 – One of Dudleys show reports is in from the Bristol Show.


1ST. & CC GLEDSTONES RAGGIPUSS DUDLEY – (21.2.04) Solid well padded Blue Colourpointed with good bone, thick legs, large rounded feet. Masculine head with wide based ears set slightly forward, a flat plane between, large expressive eyes of a strong blue set slightly oblique, firm chin. Thick but soft coat, well groomed, the back strong bluish white paling to tummy, well developed greyish blue mask and points, wide long well furnished tail – lovely natured lad.

cat_applause11/05/10 – One of Dudleys show reports is in from the TBRCC Show.


1. Gledstone’s RAGGIPUSS DUDLEY 21.2.2004

Blue Colourpointed Male. What a name – I love it! a handsome gentleman with a very gentle nature.
Good typy head, ears a bit neat, lovely deep blue eyes in slight oblique set, gentle profile dip above medium length nose, broad muzzle and firm chin of good depth. Excellent body length and boning, strong legs and big paws, and very good long full tail tapering a little to tip. Good silvery grey-blue points, good match all round. Thick, very soft coat, well presented, a pleasure to judge.

cat_applause08/05/10 – Today, Dudley was entered into the Bristol and District Show. He did so well coming 1st and gaining his 3rd CC, making him up to a Champion! Well done my Dudi.

cat_applause22/04/10 – One of Paige’s show reports is in from the TBRCC Show.


1ST. GLEDSTONES HAPPYTYME DIAMONDS FOREVER – Seal Tabby Mitted, just over 12 months but well made and solid. Broad head, ears wide based, lovely deep blue eyes, set obliquely. Clear Tabby M to mask, eye lines, rings to legs, neat white mitts, long mid seal tail showing slight rings – friendly lad.

cat_applause21/04/10 – One of Darceys show reports is in from the SLH Show.

1 GLEDSTONES SWANSERAGZ MR DARCEY (66w) (12.7.09) A very handsome Mitted Ragdoll kitten who is very well named! He ran my BOB winner exceptionally close but she was prepared beautifully and that snatched the prize today. Very good type and just 8 months of age. Super breadth to his head with good width between the ears and a lovely flat plane to his head. Medium nose with super full cheeks and nicely defined and rounded muzzle. Excellent gentle dip to profile. Large well opened eyes, slightly oblique and of a pale blue eye colour. Firm chin and level bite. Medium ears, nicely set on his head and well tilted forwards. White chin. Good white mittens and solid white on the back legs to the level of the hocks it would be preferable for this to be to the level of the under body. Long body with good substance and boning for his age. Strong limbs and nicely rounded paws. Good dark seal points. Enormous coat and ruff with excellent Ragdoll coat quality but very woolly and needs more preparation. Lovely gentle lad with a superb temperament.

cat_applause21/04/10 – One of Dudleys show reports is in from the SLH Show.


2ND GLEDSTONE’S RAGGIPUSS DUDLEY (66a) M Blue Colourpointed Ragdoll
A very well-grown mature boy of 6 years with a lovely dense silky coat. Broad masculine head with an expressive face. Strong muscular body with excellent boning & limbs and tail to balance. Beautifully-prepared coat of a pale body colour with well-matched points of a lovely blue-grey colour. Shown in excellent condition with a lovely gentle nature. A gorgeous boy, unlucky to meet the winner!

cat_applause18/04/10 – Today, Dudley and Paige were entered into the TBRCC Show. Dudley come 1st in his open class, gaining his second cc. He also got the BOB. He also got two 1st’s in his side classes. Paige come 2nd in his open class and got a 1st and a 3rd in his side classes. I was so pleased with both my boys achievements. This was the first time i had been to the TBRCC show and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

cat_applause30/03/10 – One of Dudleys show reports is in from the SLH Show.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Adult Male
1st CC & BoB to Gledstone’s RAGGIPUSS DUDLEY (66a) M 21.02.2004
A 6 year old blue colourpointed Ragdoll of quality, an imposing large and powerful exhibit. Long and muscular body, he has a broad chest and a short powerful neck. Wide head with flat plane there is good width between the medium size ears. The greyish blue ears are well furnished and show the desired slight forward tilt. Large and expressive well opened eyes slightly oblique in their set of a clear medium blue. Rounded well developed muzzle, level bite firm chin. The nose viewed in profile shows a gentle dip and is slightly retrousse at the tip. Full greyish blue face mask, extending across his lovely mature cheeks. Medium length legs of substantial bone, large well tufted paws. Point colouring to the legs a uniform greyish blue. Full length greyish blue bushy tail, this slightly tapers towards the tip. Full length silky textured bluish white body coat and clear unshaded underbody. Full neck, chest ruff and knickerbockers. Groomed to perfection and has clearly read the manual on show manners.

Congratulations on winning Overall Best Ragdoll Exhibit.

cat_applause26/03/10 – One of Dudleys show reports is in from the SLH Show.


2nd. GLEDSTONES RAGGIPUSS DUDLEY – Solid well developed Blue Colourpointed Ragdoll, very thick well groomed coat, body a bluish white, good mask and defined points, tail full and bushy. Strong broad head with flat plane between well set ears, lovely deep blue eyes, gentle curve to nose, good chin – lovely temperament.

cat_applause23/03/10 – One of Dudleys show reports is in from the Coventry & Leicester Show.

Blue Mitted Ragdoll a very nicely shown boy, his silky coat showed a bluish white that contrasted with the blue of his mask and points, well placed ears with a flat plane between them, dark blue eyes and a slight dip in his profile, nicely rounded cheeks and muzzle.

cat_applause20/03/10 – Today, Dudley and Darcey were entered into the Semi Longhair Cat Club Show. Both my boys did me proud getting 1st in both their open classes. Dudley also got BOB and his 1st CC. They both did extremely well in their side classes too. Dudley got a 1st and two 2nd’s out of all classes of 7, and Darcey got a 1st in a class of 10 and 2nd in a class of 7. If that wasn’t enough, Dudley then went on to get Best In Show Ragdoll Adult, Best In Show Ragdoll, and nominated for overall Best In Show. He also walked away with 2 trophies – Snowsprite Cantona Trophy and the Molly Mayflower Trophy. I was so proud of both my boys.

Thanks go to Chris for the photos.

cat_applause25/02/10 – One of Paiges show reports is in from the Shropshire Show.

This young lad is not yet a year old, but is already an incredible size for one so young. Very good head shape, being broad with a flat plane between medium sized ears that tilt forwards gently. Well developed and rounded cheeks and muzzle, firm white chin. Medium nose length with gentle dip to the profile. Wonderful eyes, they are large and well opened, piercing deep blue colour. Very well grown, his body is long and muscular, broad chest and medium length substantial legs, large tufted paws and a long bushy tail. His coat is dense and well presented, just showing a slightly mottled appearance, but predominantly pale beige, points show defined tabby markings. His front feet are white, as is his chin, bib, chest and belly. His left back leg is just white to the hock, better white marking on the right leg. Lovely nature.

cat_applause13/02/10 – One of Darceys show reports is in from the Shropshire Show.


Gladstones SWANSEARAGZ MR DARCEY Seal mitted male
Showing a nice white chin bib and bib also underbody nice and white. Lovely deep blue well opened eyes set wide apart and slightly oblique. Broad head with flat plane between medium sized ears that had slight tilt forward and were well furnished. Gentle dup on medium length nose. Strong chin and good bite with well developed cheeks. Long strong body with well boned legs and large tufted paws. Tail bushy and in proportion to body with a slightly tapered tip.

cat_applause06/02/10 – Today Paige and Darcey were entered into the Shropshire Cat Club Show. Paige came 1st in his open class and got his first CC, and Darcey came 2nd in his open class. I have never been to this show before, and it was a great show. Very big, and it was great to have our Club table out.

cat_applause16/01/10 – Today Layla and Paige were entered into the West Country Cat Club show. They both came first in their open classes, and Layla got her second CC. It was a lovely day out, as usual, at this show. One of my favourite shows to start off the new show year.

cat_applause18/08/09 – One of Josephs side classes is in from the PRBCC Show.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Adult, Male;
1st  CC & BOB.  GLEDSTONE’S  ADATELO JOSEPH.  66.  13-08-08
.  Seal Colourpointed, very young lad who though still with a degree of maturity to fulfil is nonetheless very well grown & developed.  Broad head with width across the cheeks, the muzzle well developed, flat plane to the skull, excellent profile, with gentle dip to his slightly retrousse nose tip, good chin, excellent level bite.  Ears set well apart, medium size, wide base, well furnished interiors, round on the tips, complete with gentle forward tilt.  Eyes good larger size, well open shape, gentle oblique setting , beautiful intense blue colour, gentle expression. Lovely body , long & with very good muscular hardness for his very young age, well boned strong legs & paws, tail has good full bushy effect & balances well.  Coat has very good length, with a good degree of density, already with some ruff developing & full knickerbockers, silky texture & with the exception of some stud tail which requires attention his presentation was otherwise excellent.   His coat is as yet exceptionally clear but looking  little too white however he does have a warm glow of subtle beige shading coming through beneath, superb contrast to his warm seal brown points, the mask still to fully complete.  & he s slight degree of paling to his chin.  His temperament was quite superb & stud tail apart beautiful  condition.

cat_applause03/08/09 – One of Josephs side classes is in from the Celtic Show.


1 Gledstone ADATELO JOSEPH seal colourpoint ragdoll of just ten months old. Excellent strong boned lad with very good substance. Medium size ears which slightly tilt forward. Flat plane. Cheeks and muzzle developing well. Strong blue to well shaped eyes. Level bite. Full body coat of a soft texture and free from any shading. Tail nicely furnished. Strong seal brown points all well matched in the depth of colour.

cat_applause18/07/09 – Today, Joseph was entered into the Progressive Ragdoll Cat Club Show. He did it!! He came 1st, out of a class of 7, and got his 3rd CC and the Best of Breed. He also got 3 1st’s, 3 2nd’s and a 3rd in his side classes. Later on he was nominated for Best in Show Adult, but it went to a very worthy winner, Imperial Grand Champion Bluegems Teddy Bear. Joseph also got awarded the P.R.B.C.C. Bossy Boots Memorial Cup for best Seal Colourpoint, and also the P.R.B.C.C. Puffakins Lordleander Memorial Trophy for best Colourpoint Adult. Well done my boy in making Champion at just 11 months old!

Joseph being assessed for Best In Show Adult

29/06/09 – One of Josephs side classes is in for the Celtic Show.



1  GLEDSTONE’S ADTELO JOSEPH (66) M 13.08.2008  Medium sized forward tilted ears separated by a flat plane, excellent blue eyes, gentle dip in the profile, level bite and rounded muzzle. Well grown body with good muscle tone carried on medium length legs and balance by a well feathered tail. Excellent coat texture and length just a touch of temperature banding spoiling the body colour – but this should go as the coat changes. Clear tummy and dense seal points.

cat_applause20/06/09 – Today, Joseph was entered into the Celtic Long Hair & Semi-Long Hair Cat Club Show. He once again done us proud and came 1st in his open class and got his 2nd CC. He also went on to get two 1st’s and a 3rd in his side classes. We are so thrilled with his progress and at such a young age. Fingers crossed for his 3rd CC now.

Photo by Robert Fox

cat_applause08/06/09 – Tias report is in for the Wessex Cat Club Show.


Seal Colourpointed Ragdoll a pretty girl wearing a nicely groomed silky coat, the beige colouring on her body showing off the seal of her mask and points, nicely placed ears separated by the flat plane on her forehead, her profile shows a slight curve at the nasal bridge of her nose, nicely shaped cheeks and chin.

cat_applause28/05/09 – Josephs report is in for the Midland Counties Cat Club Show.


Seal Colourpointed youngster only nice months but already has the substance, bone and “raggie” expression. Balanced head, ears slightly forward tilted, flat plane between, nose has gentle curve, firm chin, super really deep blue eyes, nice cheeks, just needing a tad more width to muzzle.  Full soft coat, dark seal to ears and well developed mask, seal legs, tail bushy to shoulders slightly paler than mask, body a creamy white with signs of new coat at roots – lovely lad to handle.

cat_applause17/05/09 – Today, Joseph was entered into the Midland Counties Cat Club Show. He did amazingly well for his first adult class at just 9 months old, getting 1st and CC in his open class, against 4 other lovely boys. He also went on the win Best of Breed. He also got 1st out of 10 in one side class, 1st out of 7 in another side class and 3rd out of 7 in his final side class. Another great day for me and my little man!!

Photo by Robert Fox

cat_applause04/05/09 – Josephs report is in for the Bristol and District Cat Club Show.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Kitten, Male;
1st  & BOB.  GLEDSTONE’S  ADATELO JOSEPH.  66.  13-08-08.  Seal Colourpointed, very handsome quality kitten who looked splendid. Beautifully grown & well proportioned throughout. Excellent head type, broad wedge, well filled out cheeks, the muzzle well developed, brow line showing flat plane, gentle dip the retrousse nose tip, firm chin, bite excellent.  Ears are very well set & with good width to their base, rounded on the tips, well furnished interiors, slight amount of forward tilt.  Large well open eyes in a slight oblique setting, excellent depth of vivid blue.  Lovely muscular build for his young age, with well boned legs, good size paws, well balanced length gently tapering, full bushy tail.  Coat was really excellent having an impressive degree of density, soft texture, excellent length already with a very good full ruff & knickerbockers.  Virtually clear light beige body colour, with merest hint of light tonal shading, excellent contrast to the very dense well matched almost complete seal points.  His condition was superb & he has such an air of confidence & presence for one so young, very promising.

cat_applause18/04/09 – Today, Joseph was entered into the Bristol and District Cat Club Show. He had a really good day. He got 1st and Best of Breed in his open class and came 1st in two of his side classes. I was so chuffed with what a good boy he was too.

Photo by Robert Fox

My good friend Charmaine also took a kitten i have bred, Belle, and she came 2nd in her open class and got a 2nd in her side class. Well done Charmaine and Belle! You did so well for your first show.

Belle at the show.

cat_applause06/05/09 – Josephs show report is in for the Semi Long Haired Cat Club Show.

Seal Colourpointed. He was a little bit nervous, but had the best contrasts that I have ever seen in a Ragdoll, particularly a kitten. Broad head with flat plane between medium ears, little tilt forward, good feathers. Medium length snub nose, gentle dip. Full bite, cheeks and muzzle developing well, firm chin. Large round eyes in slight oblique set, very good deep blue. Excellent body for length and substantial bone, he is definitely plump, and long bushy tail, tapering to tip just a little paler than the points colour. Dense silky coat, fairly short as yet, but very pale beige shading to lighter altogether down the sides and under belly. Warm deep seal points and matching diamond shape mask. Good grooming. He was just a little nervous, but a very promising little man.


14/04/09 – Laylas show report is in for the Kernow Cat Club Show.cat_applause


1 CC and BOB to GLEDSTONE ADATELO PRINCESS LEIA (66.31a) 27.5.08. A pretty female with a sweet expression; good firm body, strong legs and tufted paws, tail tapered and bushy but could be longer to balance; ears medium, wide set and forward tilted, broad head, dip and retrousse tip to profile, full cheeks, rounded muzzle, good chin and level bite; eyes large, well set and medium blue colour. Silky coat with ruff developing, balanced white inverted V, shirtfront and under-parts down to her hocks, blue top of head and tail; excellent condition and well presented.

cat_applause09/04/09 – Josephs show report is in for the West Country Cat Club Show.

Mitted or Colourpointed Ragdoll Kitten, Male;
Seal Colourpointed, lovely little chap still to get all the minor baby problems resolved, not intended as criticism as this developmental. Good breadth to his head, promising muzzle strength, still slightly rounded on the brow, gentle dip to the nose with its slight retrousse tip, good chin & bite. Ears medium size, set well & have a hint of forward tilt. Eyes possessing gentle oblique setting but still a little baby small, however the colour was super having not only depth but brightness to. Body still rather on the small side in relation to his age, whilst the proportions are all in keeping, with good legs & paws, balanced length tail still to achieve a bushier appearance. Still with the soft fluffy baby coat, with all its wispy fringes at the edges, very soft. Clear body colour with as a result good contrast to the points but these still to deepen & densen more, showing incomplete mask & brindled base to the ears, legs still slightly pale but with a reasonable degree of warmth. His condition was excellent & he was such an amicable little fella, but emphasis on little as yet.

cat_applause04/04/09 – Today Layla was entered into the Kernow Cat Club Show. She managed to gain her 1st CC, and also got Best of Breed. Well done Layla! Im so proud of you.

cat_applause30/03/09 –  A show report is in for one of Laylas side classes.

AC RAGDOLL ADULT – 11 in class

2ND MISS H GLEDSTONE’S ADATELO PRINCESS LEIA (66 31a) F 27/5/08 – Blue Bi Colour Ragdoll. Excellent size and shape, body long and well grown. Broad head with flat plane. Ears are medium in size, set wide and slightly tilted forward. Large deep blue eyes set slightly oblique and nicely apart. Medium length nose with a gentle dip. Level bite. Full cheeks with rounded muzzle. Points colour is a bluish grey. Back a bluish grey with a white collar. Balanced inverted V on face which does not reach forehead but covers all that is required. Bib chest and underparts white. White front legs with white up to the level of the underbody on her back legs. Coat well prepared, medium in length, full ruff and knickerbockers and a good texture. Long and bushy tail.

cat_applause21/03/09 – Today Joseph was entered into the Semi-Longhaired Cat Club Show. He managed to gain 1st out of a class of 3 and went on to get Best of Breed. He also went on to win Best Ragdoll Kitten. I was so chuffed with him as he took it all in his stride. The show had a really good turn out and it was a lovely, friendly show, as usual.

cat_applause17/01/09 – Today Willo and Joseph were entered into the West Country Cat Club Show. It was a huge show for the ragdolls this year and there was some gorgeous cats there. Willo was not placed in her class today, but she was in a class of 9, and only 3 of the 9 were placed. Joseph came 1st in his class and also came 3rd out of 7 in his side class. The whole day was a great day out, as usual, and it was lovely to see so many friendly faces again to set off the new showing year.

cat_applause19/07/08- Today Willo and Tia were entered into the Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club Show. Tia came 4th in her open class and got a 1st in one of her side classes. Willo came 2nd in her open class and got a 1st and a 3rd in her side classes. She was also award the Shalapaws Trophy for Best Red Series Ragdoll and was given a Chairmans Gift for Best Kitten. We all had a fantastic day at the show, it was so fun and friendly. I want to thank Brian and Anne Ashworth for such a well run day – definately made up for last years show being cancelled. I also want to thank all the judges – Mrs De Martino, Mrs Knight, Mrs Culf and Mrs Gregory. I cant wait for next years show now.

cat_applause21/06/08 – Today i entered Willo into the Celtic Long Haired and Semi Long Haired Cat Club Show. She Came 3rd in her open class. Unfortunately, as she is a tortie, it seems her markings have not fully developed yet, but i will be very excited to see how she does when her markings have fully developed. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to come and see Willo at the show, and to also thank Brian and Anne Ashworth once again for all your help and advice. You really are fantastic.

Photo by Robert Fox

cat_applause12/06/08 – Tias long awaited show reports for the Semi Longhaired Show are in. Im really pleased with her progress, and hope she does just as well in her adult classes.

cat_applause19/04/08 –  Today Blaze and Tia were entered into the Semi Long Haired Cat Club Show. There were lots of cats at this show and Tia managed to get 2nd place out of 5 in her open class. She also came 1st out of 9 in one of her side classes, and came 2nd out of 3 in the Progressive Club class. Blaze was not placed unfortunately, but she was in a class of 9, and there were lots of other lovely raggies there.


Photo by Robert Fox